Jimmy Howard (bass)

Jimmy Howard on Bass

Jimmy has played with the Hamilton Dixieland All-Stars, Jazz Linc Big Band, and the Jim Stahl Big Band.

Ron Palangio (guitar)

Ron Palangio on Guitar

Ron is one of Hamilton’s most versatile guitarists as a first call studio musician with performances at theatre productions, big bands, jazz, pop, rock, and country groups.

Alex Karcza (drums)

Alex Karcza

While best known for his R & B and Blues playing, Alex continues to pursue his interest in Jazz and Fusion music. He previously played in the late Mike Ricci’s Quartet and is currently working with several bands in the Hamilton area including Backtrax, Sophisticated Swing, Millgroove, The Tony Sciara Band, and HwySix.

Jeff Plumbley (trumpet)

Jeff Plumbley

Jeff is a graduate of the Mohawk College Applied Music program in Hamilton where he studied with many of Canada’s leading musicians. He has toured Europe twice performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Vienne Jazz Festival. Currently, Jeff is performing with various Jazz and R&B acts in the greater Hamilton area including the After Hours Big Band led by Mike Malone.

Hamilton Jazz

Hamilton Jazz Band

Hamilton Jazz left to right – Ron, Alex, Jimmy, Jeff.